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In 1842 a local innkeeper named Angelina Eberly stood up to President Sam Houston and his Texas Rangers by firing a cannon to stave off a rebellion and preserve Austin as the capital of Texas. Even though Austin was in its infancy, she knew it was worth fighting for.

Eberly was founded by a group of Austinites, not only as a tribute to the courage and free spirit of our namesake, but also as a reminder that Austin is still worth fighting for. As more people, buildings and ideas populate this city, the battle to preserve Austin's soul rages on.

Eberly is our cannon.

Forged from an old print shop on South Lamar, Eberly is a thoughtful collection of dining, drinking and thinking spaces. Austin has always been a gathering place for risk takers, creative types and liberated thinkers to connect and feed off each other’s energy and creativity. We’ve distilled that spirit into one distinctively authentic place.

Within Eberly you’ll discover a beautiful dining room offering contemporary American cuisine, a welcoming study, a rooftop terrace overlooking downtown, and our crown jewel, the historic Cedar Tavern bar of Greenwich Village in New York City. Built in 1866, the Cedar Tavern bar is a living piece of history that was the stomping ground for Abstract Expressionists, Beat Writers, poets, actors and musicians. On any given night you might have seen Jackson Pollock drinking and fighting with Willem DeKooning or Jack Kerouac. Or overhear Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix or Allen Ginsberg marinate on their next project. It was a legendary place and its beating heart, the bar, fits perfectly within the walls of Eberly and in the soul of Austin.

Eberly is full of depth and intrigue and warrants exploration from early morning to late at night. We invite you to continue the spirited legacy of our torchbearer Angelina and raise a glass to the adventurers and artists who came before us and those yet to come.

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  • 615 S. Lamar
  • Austin, TX 78704

Dining Room Hours

  • Sun - Thurs 5 pm - 10 pm
  • Fri - Sat 5 pm - 11 pm

Cedar Tavern Hours

  • 5 pm to close

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