About The Cedar Tavern

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Built in 1866 out of pure mahogany from South America, the Cedar Tavern held court for more than 140 years in three different locations in New York City.

It was the watering hole of choice for many notable artists, beat writers and folk musicians including Jackson Pollock, Jack Kerouac, Willem de Kooning and Bob Dylan.

In 2006, the Cedar Tavern Bar in New York City closed for good to make way for the onslaught of commercial growth.

The partners of Eberly, who had also spent more than a few evenings spinning tall tales at the bar, didn't want to see this living piece of history end its run.

So they purchased the bar, had it deconstructed and moved to Austin, where it's been in storage patiently waiting to paint its next canvas.

Please help us welcome the Cedar Tavern to its new home, Eberly Austin.

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  • 615 S. Lamar
  • Austin, TX 78704

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  • Sun - Thurs 5 pm - 10 pm
  • Fri - Sat 5 pm - 11 pm

Cedar Tavern Hours

  • 5 pm to close

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